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Eco Home Guard

Eco Home Guard

Eco Home Guard stops air leaks,water leaks, and pest from coming in your house with our patented product.

Sliding glass doors are a great addition to any home. They provide an unobstructed view of your backyard without taking up room that a swinging door would. The only set back is that they create a draft as they operate by rolling on wheels that lift the door off the track in order for them to work properly. In most cases, the higher the door is off the track the less friction it creates and the better it rolls. This however, creates an air space or gap which allows hot outside air to flow freely into your home while the cool air you are paying for escapes. This heat exchange puts a strain on your air conditioning system and your wallet.
Eco Home Guard Before
Eco Home Guard After

Another big complaint about sliding doors is that it creates an easy access point for insects and reptiles such as lizards to enter your home at will. Installing ‘Eco Home Guard’ seals off the easy access points, and makes it difficult for insects and reptiles to enter your home.

Water in your tracks from heavy rain can cause damage to your home, rust your sliding door rollers, and cause an unsightly mess in your tracks. Eco Home Guard’s design works to deflect rain water and reduce water in your tracks.

Our patented sliding door threshold system many other problems. Its design provides a seal against your sliding door and its shape deflects wind from entering your home while still allowing your door to roll freely. Water in your tracks can cause rust to form on your sliding door rollers and also cause an unsightly mess in your tracks. Eco Home Guard design works to deflect rain water and reduce water in your tracks.