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A damaged or broken screen can be the difference between enjoying the outdoors or not. With our great South Florida weather many of us like to catch a breeze while enjoying time indoors and away from the insects. However, the weather in the Sunshine State can take it’s toll on your screen doors. Our window/door screen repair services are prefect for when your screen is torn or it does not slide properly.Complete Sliding doors offers sliding screen door repair services for damaged screens and offers custom screen replacement services when a repair just won’t do. Be sure to learn about our sliding door repair services as well!
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New Window Screens

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In the event that screen repair is not an option we can replace screens completely. We will accurately measure the appropriate shape of your window or door opening and professionally install your new screen.  If you have an irreparable window screen or sliding screen door then it may need to be replaced entirely. Or you may have a screen that no longer fits on the track properly due to a roller issue or a bend in the material. Either way Complete will provide you with a new screen for your window or sliding door so that you can enjoy the outdoors again.

We will remove your old screen and replace all the necessary parts to ensure a functional and highly aesthetic product that is tough enough to withstand the effects of your pets and nature. We source our parts from the top most reputable manufacturers in the nation, we only use the heaviest Gage window screen materiel is  you are guaranteed to have the best.  Screens may become damaged due to weather, kids, pets or general wear. Help prevent insects from entering your home and enjoy the South Florida breeze by having your sliding door and window screens replaced.

If you have pets, small children or have a window or sliding screen that has experienced foul weather chances are it is ripped or damaged. With over 15 years of experience fixing screens you can count on us to remedy your problem so that your window or sliding door can maintain its proper functionality again. You should be able to experience the fresh air when you want to.