Sliding Door Roller, Track and Balance Springs Repair

Roller Replacement / Track Repair / Window Balance Springs Replacement

When your sliding door is in disrepair gaining access to the outdoors or other area of the house can be quite difficult. There are many components that make up the sliding door system and Complete can repair or replace them when necessary.Sliding doors and in particular sliding glass doors can be quite heavy and require a certain amount of skill and experience in their repair and component replacement. The first step to repairing the door is to take it down and our technicians can then examine your sliding door to determine the problem and will let you know if a simple repair is in order or if multiple parts need to be replaced to ensure an easy to open and close sliding door.

Roller Replacement

Sliding Door Roller Replacement

The rollers on the door are typically made of plastic that is attached to a metal housing. The rollers normally have a couple of screws holding them in place and this is generally an easy fix. When the rollers are the problem with your sliding door it is usually because they have corroded so badly they don’t roll or they are broken and can’t turn. After the successful replacement of the sliding glass door rollers we will reinstall your door and ensure its smooth operation.

Track Inspection

Sliding Door Track Repair & Replacement

As with the rollers hindering the movement of your sliding doors, we will first have to take down the door to see if the track is the problem. These sliding door tracks can often become damaged over time and cause them to perform less than favorably. To repair your track we first check to see if the problem is wear, a bend or misalignment. Misaligned rails can often be corrected quickly as can tracks that have loose screws. If we can’t repair your track we will replace it so that you can access the doorway efficiently once again.

Window Balance Spring Replacement

When your windows are not closing or operating correctly the problem often lies in the balance springs. To determine if this is the problem our technicians will inspect the window and find out why it is not operating the way it should. If the balance springs are faulty our techs will replace them so that your window opens and closes the way it was designed.