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Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane windows, also known as impact windows are windows that are designed to withstand the forces of nature such as that of a hurricane. When a hurricane approaches as they commonly do during hurricane season in south Florida, the atmospheric pressure rises in relation to the storm’s strength. Inside your home, where all the doors and windows are closed, the atmospheric pressure remains the same. This differential is what can be dangerous and is why hurricane windows are so popular. When objects from a storm hit a non-hurricane window, the flying debris can shatter the window and cause massive amounts of damage from winds and rain.

Impact glass is constructed of impact-resistant glass with two layers of annealed or tempered glass bonded to an intermediate layer of a shatter-proof membrane (polyvinyl butyral (PVB)). When the outer layer of glass is struck by flying debris and the outer glass breaks, the shattered pieces will adhere to the shatter-proof membrane, thus protecting your home from the elements.

Benefits of Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane windows offer other benefits in addition to protecting your home in the event a hurricane sends debris towards your windows. They are also an excellent alternative to hurricane shutters as they don’t require you to spend hours putting up and taking down hurricane shutters. Anyone who has ever experienced a busy Florida hurricane season has likely experienced this time consuming and frustrating aspect to protecting the home. In addition to being able to prevent debris coming in the home at high-speeds these windows can also prevent and deter burglars from entering the home. Another added benefit to hurricane impact windows is that they offer improved energy efficiency. Home owners will be pleased at the electrical saving they experience by having Complete install their windows. The double glazed windows provide excellent insulation properties and help keep the cool air in and the warm air out and vice-versa. Finally, allowing Complete to install your hurricane windows could result in insurance discounts. The window’s impact-resistant capabilities mean possible cost savings for you, furthering the reasons the windows are such a great investment.

Hurricane Window Installation

Complete offers a large selection of hurricane impact windows and can install them quickly and conveniently so that you can enjoy your home and your improved view. Ask one of our sales associates about our home and commercial installation that is administered by one of our highly trained technicians. Contact our West Palm office at 561-822-5444