Sliding Glass Door Repair Services in South Florida

Get the professional help you need in repairing your sliding glass doors.

Everyone knows an ill-working sliding glass door can be a huge nuisance. It also prevents access to the great outdoors or patio. Our sliding glass door repair services are designed to help you open and close your sliding door with one finger. As a result, we will save you money on the purchase of a completely new sliding door repair.

With over 15 years of experience in the sliding glass door repair business there is no sliding glass door problem we have not seen. Many of our clients complain of doors that are difficult, are “janky,” or impossible to open.  Our expert technicians can inspect your doors and determine the problem and provide the solution. After that, we can often repair the door the same day.

If your sliding glass doors don’t roll with the touch of a finger,contact Complete today!


Before we can fix your sliding glass doors:

Sliding Glass Door Removal

Door Removal

  • Large glass doors are heavy and take a certain attention to detail as to not damage them or the surrounding area.
  • Certainly, homeowners worry about dust and debris that will be created. Rest assured, while we repair a sliding glass door we assure that all necessary steps will be taken to keep it clean.
  • Finally, we sanitize and clean your track leaving it sparkling clean.
Roller Replacement

Roller Replacement

  • Old and worn out rollers will be replaced with top of the line rollers to ensure smooth slides for years to come.
Track Inspection

Track Inspection

  • Sometimes misaligned rails can be knocked back into alignment and we can perform this for you quickly.
  • Other times the sliding door track has come out of position because of loose screws and this is also a simple fix.
  • If the existing track cannot be fixed by the above we will replace the entire system so that yoursliding glass doors can glide smoothly and efficiently.
Security Locks & Handles

Handles & Locks

  • Upon placing the door back in the opening we will test and make sure handles and security locks are functioning.