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Introducing Eco Home Guard:

Your Solution for Air, Water, and Pest Protection

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Eco Home Guard: Your Solution for Air, Water, and Pest Protection

Eco Home Guard revolutionizes home protection with our patented product, designed to stop air leaks, water leaks, and pest intrusion.

Sliding glass doors offer a seamless connection to your backyard, but they often come with drawbacks. Operating on wheels can create gaps, allowing hot air in and cool air out, straining your AC and your budget.

Additionally, these doors can become an open invitation for pests like lizards. Our ‘Eco Home Guard’ solution seals off these access points, making it tough for insects and reptiles to enter.

Heavy rain poses another threat, leading to damage, rust, and mess in your door tracks. Our innovative design deflects rainwater and reduces water buildup, protecting your home and preserving its aesthetics.

With our patented sliding door threshold system, we address these issues head-on. Its unique design seals against your door, deflects wind, and prevents rust, ensuring smooth operation and peace of mind.

Upgrade to Eco Home Guard today and safeguard your home from the elements and unwanted guests.

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