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Window and Door Security Locks

The safety of your family should never feel compromised with old or faulty window and door security locks. If your windows or sliding glass doors need a security update in the form of locks call us and we will be happy to install them for you.  We offer a wide variety of sliding glass door and window locks and handles.

Examples of the locks that we offer include:

  • Step-On Patio Door Lock has painted die cast housing with steel pin. Housing is designed to be mounted on the bottom edge of the inside door panel.
  • Heavy Duty Keyed Bolt Door Lock (Panda Lock) has zinc die cast with an extruded aluminum cap & a 5/16” steel cap. Cap can be key locked to prevent unauthorized unlocking.
  • Security Bar Lock helps prevent forced entry through sliding glass door. It consists of two square aluminum tubes, one sliding inside of another, and a locking collar to lock the bar’s length.
  • Loop Lock secures door jamb, offering both security and style. Includes bracket and keep.
  • Double Bolt Lock is an excellent addition to, or replacement for, your standard sliding glass door lock.The double bolts keep the door from being lifted off the track and removed as the door is anchored to the frame.
  • Sash Locks – Cam action of latch hook draws – sashes together for a tight seal