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Why Sliding Doors Fail

A sliding glass door failing can be a frustrating occurrence. If you live in Central or South Florida you probably enjoy being able to access the great outdoors quickly and easily. Complete gets calls from customers all the time who have issues with their sliding doors. There is no one solution to sliding glass door repair as there are multiple reasons why sliding doors fail and we usually have to come investigate before we can correct the problem. Learn more about the common problems that result in the failure of sliding glass doors and how we fix them.

Patio Sliding Glass Door

Hair in Bearings

It is often surprising the stuff that gets in the bearings of your sliding doors. Pet owners often experience sliding doors that won’t open as a result of hair getting caught in the bearings. This isn’t generally an overnight occurrence, it happens over time. By removing the sliding door from the track we are able to carefully remove the hair from the bearings as its buildup has caused them to stop rolling. If they need to be replaced we can do that too and will have you accessing the outdoors again in no time.

Wrong Lube

We often see sliding doors that malfunction as a result of the wrong lube being used in the bearings. Proper lubrication is the reason bearings roll and is essential for reliable operation. A bearing that has the wrong lube in it will fail and produces undesirable friction that generates excessive heat, metal fatigue and wear.

Grease Escapes from Bearings

The life expectancy of grease for rolling bearings will rise or fall depending on various factors. Bearings must be re-lubricated to compensate for external factors such as temperature, speed, load, bearing arrangement and type. Who thought there was so much science behind a sliding door?!

Rollers Fail

The rollers on the door are typically made of plastic and are connected to a metal housing. After removing sliding doors and inspecting the rollers we usually find that the rollers are so badly corroded that they won’t even move any more. Sometimes they are completely broken and a broken wheel won’t very well turn now will it? Roller failure is usually a quick and easy fix (for us) and we can have the door sliding properly again.

Alignment Problems

Sliding doors can also fall out of alignment and must be adjusted to ensure a proper roll. This can be caused by every day wear and tear, bad installation, or loose screws. Whatever the problem Complete will diagnosis it for you and repair it in a timely manner.

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